Vinchin. Install agent for database

Im goint to install agent for my Bacula`s Director. Actually, I have MariaDB (it is almost a MySQLDB). So, Vinchin has a pretty good documentation about installing different types of agent on any type of operating systems. 1. First we need to download apropriate agent for installation, right there, on the main page 2. Put… Читать далее Vinchin. Install agent for database

Notes about Vinchin

First impression — very good! Everything! Easy to deploy (from all-in-one image file .iso), web interface, documentation, feedback in DM in Whatsup, long-term trial version with all credentials in one mail. And main — it works! Done by myself — backup and restore VMs on Ubuntu and Windows Server, add local drives as a storage… Читать далее Notes about Vinchin

NetBackup.Auto Image Replication (AIR)

Here I`m tring to show emulation of separate Netbackup domains, which include only two separate master servers with verison of software 8.1.2:1) The first one based on VM with Windows Server 2012 (nb-air1);2) The second one — with RHEL 7.4 (nb-air2) The purposes:1) To setup Auto Image Replication beetwen two masters;2) To replicate existing image… Читать далее NetBackup.Auto Image Replication (AIR)

NetBackup staff

Some secret key of Veritas NetBackup for MSDP: KJXZ-YSWH-TKCZ-P63N-3NPN-PJW4-LGO2-LM7M-LMPP-XC Some useful commands to make your life easier: /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/jnbSA — start Java console in RHEL

Part 1. Its all about clients. The hard one

It was activity along 2-3 mounth and the main propose was updating the NetBackup infractructure. Customer backup infrastructure was:1. Master server (MaS) Netbackup 7.7.3 installed on Solaris OS and standby server Oracle M40002. Two media servers (MeS) Netbackup 7.7.3 with RHEL OS and two media servers with Solaris OS also install on separate physical servers.… Читать далее Part 1. Its all about clients. The hard one

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