AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Exam

In December of 2022 I have had almost two options available to pass the exam in Russia — PSI and Pearson Vue. But Pearson Vue doesnt work any more with authorized education centers and other people. I thought «this is fine I have enother one» but here a tricky situation — PSI only available till 31.12.2022. Just imagine, how I was surprised about it before 7 weeks final date. It was only one chance to try web exam in Russia.

So, I was so excited and focused on preparation that I missed all good and appropriate days for scheduling. In the end — 26 of Dec was choosen

Date of exam

Thanks to me, I already finished most part of preparation and theory. Last two days I was focused in my weakness section and products — watching the videos and tutorials, doing some demo tests.

Registration is a pretty simple process. All you need to prepare:

— 2 docs with photo (i used my international passport and driving license);
— preferable a personal laptop because you need to install a special browser from PSI provider and if you have a security polices from you corporate you can be suprised in a bad way;
— empty room (when i showed my room proctor ask me to remove a pen box, expantion of power supply (pilot) and other staff. Only 2 table lamps were keept);
— no headphones, no watch, roll up your sleeves, show the space under your sitting area;
The good one — check connection of your internet, beause I almost start to freacking out then my camera just hang out and proctor asks to support. By the way, all communication was in online chat and support also connected to that chat (he told what the problem was not on my side);
— plug in power source to laptop (because that problem I faced too).
All this preparation near the exam time was about 25-30 mins and after all checks I started only in 05:40.

Time to time during the exam proctor in asking about status and how I going because of internet lag.
I spend almost all 2 hours — it was about 1h40mis. I`ve checked my answers twiced, spend a lot of time to fix the «flaged» question.

Bonus 1 — if English is not a native language, you can ask (accomodate) for more 30mins. You shoud do it before exam and its very helpfull.
Bonus 2 — if the exam was completed succesfully you can have a benefit in 50% discount for future exam. Good case if you pay for yourself.

So, the exam was passed. After you see the status (pass or not only) you prohibited to get picture or doing any screenshots. Only you can do — a happy face 🙂

Passing score

Also you will have a breakdown explanation about what section or domain you need to improve:

Breakdown of results

A couple of days later you will recieve a certificate on email. Like this:

Email from AWS

And finaly — now you can verify you badge and post it in LinkedIn:

Badge verification

Link to Credly —
And certificate itself:

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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