AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Preparation

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a basic exam and open a doors to whole AWS Certification

AWS Certification track

Here I want to save some of my expirience about preparation to CLF-C01.

First of all it was a problem to choose correct source of information, because you will have a lot of it. There are some exams (in my enterprise expirience) where you can not find an answers except by visiting 3-5 day cource in authorised center with a teacher. So this exam it not about it. There are tons a video on YouTube, endless articles with the diffent type of details from different point of view.

I started preparing for exam in the 1-2 week of October 2022 in random way (read some staff, seeing a YouTube, doing lab — this is a funny one) and 2 weeks later I bought an Udemy course and schedule a plan to do it more effectively. The plan was — a couple of hours in Wednesday, and 3-4 hourse in weekends.

So my top of specific resources:

1. Udemy and Stephan Maarek
This cource I was advised by one of my colleague. Almost 15 hours of slides and free tier demo, which I bought at 1 of December.
Free or not — not free, but you can monitor for appropriate price. Udemy can give nice discount.
Helpfulness — 4 of 5 stars. Speaker has a good english, cource has a lot of information you actually face on exam

Udemy course

2. Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner onTwitch —
One of the official sources with teachers from AWS. There are 6 episodes with fundamential, but it was produced about 2 years ago. I did not make it in time, but I saw a couple of episodes — its stong enouth. From one of the explanation I totaly understood different between NACL and Security group. Instructor: Morgan & Rafael
Free or not — free.
Helpfulness — 4 of 5 stars.

AWS on Twitch

3. Qwik labs
A bunch of theory and some practices, but some labs was on maintenance
Free or not — partitialy free (29$ per month for subscription)
Helpfulness — 3 of 5 stars

Qwik Labs

4. AWS hand on
A lot of theory and labs in free tier with different types of difficulty
Free or not — free
Helpfulness — 4 of 5 stars

AWS Hand On

5. AWS skiil builder
A good free cource from official AWS for 12 hours and one practice exam with good speakers and
— one practice Quest
— ramp up guides Your choose will be Ramp-Up for Cloud Practitioner —
Free or not — free
Helpfulness — 4 of 5 stars

AWS Skill Builder

6. Android app (optional)
I`m still thinking what doing a lot of demo tests (and labs) will be very good for successfully pass CLF-C01. I use a couple of free apps because I can buy any application in Google Store. Esspessially cool, if an apps has a good feedbacks and explanation for wrong and rigth answers.

7.Coursera AWS Cloud Practitioner Essential

Coursera course

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