AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Exam

In December of 2022 I have had almost two options available to pass the exam in Russia — PSI and Pearson Vue. But Pearson Vue doesnt work any more with authorized education centers and other people. I thought «this is fine I have enother one» but here a tricky situation — PSI only available till… Читать далее AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Exam

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Preparation

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a basic exam and open a doors to whole AWS Certification Here I want to save some of my expirience about preparation to CLF-C01. First of all it was a problem to choose correct source of information, because you will have a lot of it. There are some exams (in… Читать далее AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Preparation

Connect to Yandex VM

1st WAY Using embedded in WIN10 utility Check keys In same CMD utility 2nd WAY Using Putty Specify .ppk file and click Open