Cyberbackup. Backup data to Yandex.Cloud

Cyperbackup is Cyberprotect product for backup any application you need to protect from disaster.

In my lab I have:

  • Astra Linux (Orel Edition)
  • Cyberbackup 15.0 software
  • s3fs and awscliv2 software
  • Test account in Yandex.Cloud with couple of S3 buckets


Astra with default repos and one big localy-attached disk for backup:

Astra version

s3fs software compilated from source. Instruction here:

s3fs version

Cyberbackup software. Possible to get fully function demo version for 30 days on official site:

Cyberbackup version

Yandex.Cloud account with two buckets and public access (free tier):


Setting up

All you need:

  1. Install s3fs —
  2. Install awscliv2 — to check connectivity to Yandex.Cloud
  3. Setup s3fs —
  4. Setup awscliv2 —
  5. Mount your bucket to directory (/backup)
  6. Install Cyberbackup software. In my installation all components were installed in one host.
  7. Configure Cyberbackup — Add storage location (in my case it is /backup folder in master server which was mounted to s3 bucket via s3fs) and Add Backup Plan with files you need to backup)
  8. Push backup manually and check your backup locations to confirm


Here I will show some random screenshots to prove pefromance

Buckets on Yandex.Cloud

Storage location on Cyberbackup master server
Backup files in /backup folder
Backup files in Storage location
Backup files in Yandex.Cloud


Files on host before restore (already backuped):

Existing (backuped) files

Delete a couple of folders (Music and Pictures)

Delete some folders

Going to Cyberbackup and choose this folders for restore:

Choosing folders for restore (pick Recover)

Choose restore location you need (original location in my case) and some additional recovery option (non in my case)

Recovery. Step 1

Some other options:

Recovery. Step 2

Check activity details:

Recovery. Almost done

Check folders on hosts:

Recovery. Finally done

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