Архив за месяц: Октябрь 2022

Bacula. Updating agents on clients

In some systems (tested on Centos 7), in basic repositories only old versions of Bacula are included. In one of my client I have Bacula 5.2.13 So I need to update this client to 9.0.x version. Step by step: Make a backup of configuration file. Copy it to another location Update your system — yum… Читать далее »

Notes about Vinchin

First impression — very good! Everything! Easy to deploy (from all-in-one image file .iso), web interface, documentation, feedback in DM in Whatsup, long-term trial version with all credentials in one mail. And main — it works! Done by myself — backup and restore VMs on Ubuntu and Windows Server, add local drives as a storage… Читать далее »