NetBackup.Auto Image Replication (AIR)

Here I`m tring to show emulation of separate Netbackup domains, which include only two separate master servers with verison of software 8.1.2:
1) The first one based on VM with Windows Server 2012 (nb-air1);
2) The second one — with RHEL 7.4 (nb-air2)

The purposes:
1) To setup Auto Image Replication beetwen two masters;
2) To replicate existing image of backup from one MSDP to another.

1) SElinux, iptables and other firewalls was disabled on both masters;
2) Both masters has the same configuration in /etc/hosts;
3) Time on both masters should be identical. It should be synchonized by NTP servers in your network or can be set manualy;
4) Security level was setuped in Medium. No tokens were used.

1. First step. Communication beetwen masters nb-air1 and nb-air2.
1.1. We should add Trusted Masters in each domain and validate the certificate. Here we add nb-air2 to nb-air1 in Trusted Master Server.

1.2. Here we add nb-air2 to nb-air1 in Trusted Master Server.

1.3. Now we shoud add each master in replication relationship from Storage Server tab. Set the nb-air1 to nb-air2.

1.4 Set the replication on oppositive way — nb-air2 to nb-air1.

2. Second step. Communication beetwen masters nb-air1 and nb-air2.Create an SLP policy on source master server (nb-air1) with two actions — backup (to local MSDP) and replication (to target MSDP). Target master server should have exactly the same name of SLP with import action.

2.1. Pefrom backup using SLP on nb-air1 and wait for it — backup and replication and when import of image on nb-air2. After what we can find backup image of client in both master`s catalog. Here`s some pictures with details of each type of jobs.

3. Third step. Replication of existing image from nb-air1 and nb-air2.
3.1. This option will be useful in case if we need the same content of backup image on both sites. In my case, the second master (nb-air2) appears in production after one year of work of first master (nb-air1), i.e. first master already has some images in MSDP, but the second doesn`t.
To replicate existing images accross two (or may) NetBackup domain we need to use nbreplicate command.

In my case I faced with bug in 8.1.2 version — command nbreplicate was failed this error without special EEB. We need to install EEB3974530 before performing replication on both masters. This link was used to install this fix. After the installation command was perfomed successfully. In attach you can find fix for Windows Server and RHEL operating systems.