Huawei eBackup. Part 1. Euler OS installation

Автор: | 27 января, 2020

In a mass market of backup software solutions Huawei has its own product — eBackup. It is based on Euler OS in template ( .ovf appliance). In my case we need to install eBackup and OS in separate way. Euler OS based on RHEL (CentOS), but in a very reduced distributive. There is no any specific requirenments for VM whуre OS will be placed if you have a sundbox or production with no additional security requirenments. If you need to isolate production netwok traffic from managment you need to add different NIC from separate network (like a VLAN).

NOTE — if you have DHCP in your virtul infastructure, you need to install OS in VM without any NICs because its failed while OS checking some networks scripts. This problem was meet in Euler OS 2.5, in OS 2.3 all looks fine.

Network error in Euler OS 2.5 if at least one NIC is presented to VM

Here is a some screenshots from installation process. Just simple, nothing special

Installation summary
Set up the Date and Time properly
In Software Selection you doesn`t have any choice so put it Product Base
In Installation Destination specify the HDD you present to VM
The Settings of VM with Euler OS 2.5. There is no NICs yet.
Add NIC to VM
NIC in Euler OS 2.5 without IP
NIC in Euler OS 2.5 with IP and ping

Manually you need to create:
vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
And put some basic network setting in eth0.
Now you can edit /etc/hosts, set the host name and finish with final reboot.