Part 1. Its all about clients. The hard one

Автор: | 24 декабря, 2019

It was activity along 2-3 mounth and the main propose was updating the NetBackup infractructure. Customer backup infrastructure was:
1. Master server (MaS) Netbackup 7.7.3 installed on Solaris OS and standby server Oracle M4000
2. Two media servers (MeS) Netbackup 7.7.3 with RHEL OS and two media servers with Solaris OS also install on separate physical servers. This servers acts like storage devives with MSDU, DSSU features and also control tape library.
3. The tape library with 24 drives
4. Netbackup OpsCenter 7.7.3.
5. About 150+ different types of clients (OS — RHEL, Solaris, Windows; platform — x86, SPARC; type of server — physical, virtual) with different types of application and version they have — Oracle DB, SQL DB, Lotus, Exchange)

In this part I will try to remember and show how should look a general questionnaire and why its important to get all information with extra details regard clients. From my point of view its better to start updating Netbackup software from analizing client side because as a practice shows it tooks a lot of troubles and nuances with a lot of time for making decisions and disscusions with customer.

1. First of all you need to decide target version of Netbackup. On Veritas site you can find latest and recommended versions. Also you need to consider about current versions installed on all clients (like we done). Because if your MaS verison is 7.7.3 it doesnt mean what all client has the same version. Do not forget about backup type (agent or not) and functionality of this agent (granular restore of Exchange, for example)

2. You need to analyze client side — client OS type (with patch version), client type (UNIX, Linux, Windows), version of installed backup agent from two points of view:
a) Compatibility with current MaS/MeS;
b) Compatibility with target MaS/MeS.
Note — you can have compatible chain — client OS, client filesystem, client application but not compatible version of backup agent.

3. You need to analize application side — application type (version, patch) also from two points of view:
a) Compatibility with current MaS/MeS;
b) Compatibility with target MaS/Mes.

On the Vetitas SORT ( you should generate all possible options and read all information regarding customers backup components in checklist report. And also you need to find Software Compatibility Lists for application. Thats how it looks like in my project:

Here you can find the example of questionnaire for all types of clients and media servers.

Depending from backup infractructure you can group all clients by any properties you want (supported/unsupported, OS or application, importance, type of upgating (it can be automatic or manual) and so on). After that you can go ahead to planning the update proccess.
In my case, clients with no problems and compatibility was updated firstly.