Part 1. Its all about clients. The hard one

It was activity along 2-3 mounth and the main propose was updating the NetBackup infractructure. Customer backup infrastructure was:1. Master server (MaS) Netbackup 7.7.3 installed on Solaris OS and standby server Oracle M40002. Two media servers (MeS) Netbackup 7.7.3 with RHEL OS and two media servers with Solaris OS also install on separate physical servers.… Читать далее Part 1. Its all about clients. The hard one

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Zonning generator

Heres a simle zoning generator for Brocade switches. It will generate the command for creating aliaces of initiators and targets, zones, and help to commit configuration. All things you need to know for filling data cells: WWPNs on initiators and targets. Switchshow command output is enough. Switch name and ports. It`s like common cabling diagram… Читать далее Zonning generator

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