MetroCluster Installation. 1 part

Автор: | 23 декабря, 2018

When all hardware for Netapp MC came to stock — this is not MC, obviosly. In my case — all hardware wasn`t setuped correctry

The first thing you should do on Partner`s site:

  1. Find out and separate all hardware staff for two big stack — site A and site B. From the storage and disk shelfs side its not a problem — all boxes are marked with stickers (A or B), but it is very confusing from switch side — boxes are also marked (!?!?!). On fact —
    backend principal switches somehow was installed on site B. Possible, its not a problem and I can reconfigure all of this switches like I need
  2. Check the quantity and hardware accordingly with specification. Esspesialy you need provide more attension for all small staff like cables for disk shelfs, additional SFPs (single mode, 10G) etc.

The things should be done from both customer`s sites:

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