NetBackup.Auto Image Replication (AIR)

Here I`m tring to show emulation of separate Netbackup domains, which include only two separate master servers with verison of software 8.1.2:1) The first one based on VM with Windows Server 2012 (nb-air1);2) The second one — with RHEL 7.4 (nb-air2) The purposes:1) To setup Auto Image Replication beetwen two masters;2) To replicate existing image… Читать далее »

NetBackup staff

Some secret key of Veritas NetBackup for MSDP: KJXZ-YSWH-TKCZ-P63N-3NPN-PJW4-LGO2-LM7M-LMPP-XC Some useful commands to make your life easier: /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/jnbSA — start Java console in RHEL

Brocade and Active Directory integration

If you have only local user(s) to do things in FOS, but want to do AD integration. Here`s a simple examle. From the AD DC side:1. Create user and group in your domain controller and put the required user(s) in this group.2. You need to add Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) if you… Читать далее »

Zonning generator

Heres a simle zoning generator for Brocade switches. It will generate the command for creating aliaces of initiators and targets, zones, and help to commit configuration. All things you need to know for filling data cells: WWPNs on initiators and targets. Switchshow command output is enough. Switch name and ports. It`s like common cabling diagram… Читать далее »

Audit of SAN and Storage Infractructure. Part 2 — Perfomance metrics

This is the most important metrics from SAN and storage perspective in my experience. Also, some of this metrics can help you with solid understanding of problems and organize any type of reports. Storage perfomance metrics. Here we start from hardware audit — gathering information about: Type and model of storage in vendor product line (block,… Читать далее »